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第一节  (共5小题;每小题1.5分,满分7.5分)


1. Where does the conversation probably take place?

  A. In a telephone booth.    

B. In a clothes shop.    

C. In a post office.

2. Why does the woman dislike the movie?

  A. It's too long.           

B. It's a foreign movie.    

C. It's too violent.

3. How does the man learn about animals?

  A. By surfing the Internet.

B. By reading a few books.  

C. By watching a TV program.

4. What is the probable relationship between the speakers?

  A. Husband and wife.      

B. Salesman and buyer.    

C. Customer and waiter.

5. What does the man want the woman to get for him?

  A. Hard drinks.           

B. Mineral water.         

C. Some medicine.




6. What will the woman do?

  A. Take up a new job.    

B. Have the man promoted.  

C. Start her own company.

7. When did the man get a pay raise last time?

  A. Three years ago.     

B. Five years ago.    

C. Eight years ago.


8. Why did the man have an operation?

  A. He took drugs mistakenly.

  B. He had a stomach problem.

  C. He felt painful all the time.

9. How did the man feel shortly after the operation?

  A. Relieved.     B. Puzzled.     C. Uncomfortable.

10. Where does the woman suggest the man go with her?

A. To a hospital.    

B. To a restaurant.    

C. To a grocery store.


11. What's the man's attitude towards the indoor wildlife center?

A. Favorable.    

B. Ambiguous.    

C. Uninterested.

12. What animal did the man fail to see?

A. Sharks.    

B. Butterflies.    

C. Tree frogs.

13. What is the woman eager to do?

   A. Visit the indoor wildlife center again.

   B. Read more about the wildlife animals.

   C. Go home and have a rest immediately.


14. Why does the man talk to the woman?

   A. To consult about an association.

   B. To invite her to act as a president.

   C. To ask for help with his school work.

15. What year is the woman in?

   A. The first year.    

B. The second year.     

C. The fourth year.

16. How much is the four-year membership fee?




17. What is peer coaching?

A. A challenging sport.   

B. An activity about study.  

C. An international conference.


18. What is the speaker volunteering as in the organization?

A.A doctor.    

B. An engineer.    

C.A food expert.

19. What is required to become a volunteer for MSF?

   A. The skills of designing websites.

   B. The ability to work independently.

   C. The great interest in leading a team.

20. What is the speaker's purpose?

   A. To introduce a demanding position.

   B. To share her volunteering experience.

C. To look for volunteers for an organization.


第一节  (共15小题;每小题2分,满分30分)



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